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my Vision

Reimagining the Church for present & future generations.

'We need to rethink, reshape and reinvigorate the local church through leadership development, spiritual enhancement, and the rediscovering of our history.'

my Love
for my Family
& Church

Married for 34 years to
Loretta Shaw Helton 
3 daughters, 1 son-in-law
and 1 grandson

Family Prayer:  1 Chronicles 4:10 (paraphrased) 
"Oh, that you would bless us indeed, and enlarge our territory, that your hand be with us, and that you would keep us from evil, that we would not cause pain."      

Faith  .  Family  .  Friends  .  Fellowship

my Pastoral Experience

1983 - 1987
Sweet Springs CME Church                          
Holly Springs, NC

Developed & increased the membership
Established program(s) to assist Church in meeting budget & raising Conference assessment

1987 - 1994 
Russell Temple CME Church                       
Bridgeport, CT

Rebuilt Church after a catastrophic. (fire)           
Led Church to purchase a 6-family home; a 4-family home; and property that houses the current church parking lot    
Established Community feeding program

Lewis Temple CME Church                            
Grambling, LA 

Led paying off Church mortgage            
Major hub during aftermath of
    Hurricane Katrina                  
Received Federal Grant to fund Job Site for     Hurricane Katrina Victims       
Chair of LA Region            
    Committee on Ministerial Examination    
Adjunct Professor, Grambling State     Univ (Grambling, LA) 
Instructor, ITC Extension Program
    (Atlanta, GA)                   
Instructor, Wiley College (Marshall, TX) 

Israel Metropolitan CME Church
Washington, DC

Longest serving Pastor
Led paying off Parsonage Mortgage
Completed Phase I, Nehemiah Project
    (Nearly $1 million dollar project)
Increase in members & families
Generated an Economic Development Plan to     liquidate the Church's current & future debt
Hosted 2 major National Black Methodist United      Gatherings in DC
Former Chair, NY-Washington Region
    Committee on Ministerial Examination
Current Chair, NY-Washington Region
    Joint Board of Finance

More about myself.

A Seasoned, Trained and Proven Servant of God
  • 43 Years in Ministry
  • 39 Years of CME Pastoral Ministry
  • Delegate to General Conference since 1994
  • Delegate to World Methodist Council Conferences in 1996 (Brazil), 2001 (England) and 2016 (Texas)
  • General Board Member since 2006
  • Current Board Member, Personnel Services
  • Current Chair, Committee on Episcopacy - 2018
  • Former Chair, Commission on Faith and Order - 2014 
  • Former Chair, Committee on Connectional Administration - 2010 
  • Former Member, Revision & Legal Affairs - 2006
  • BA in English, NCCU
  • MDiv, Duke University
  • DMin, Hartford Seminary

What my Supporters say.

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"Dr. Ricky D. Helton has an innate gift for mentoring pastors and preachers. He is one of the most outstanding church administrators I have ever seen. Dr. Helton is a man of great integrity and a trusted confidant. I believe he would make an awesome Bishop."

- Rev. Kevin J. Agee
Presiding Elder, Washington/Virginia DistrictNew York-Washington Region
Seventh Episcopal District, CME Church

"It is time for our Church to rise up with a Bishop that is caring, loving and spiritual.  He is a visionary leader; that will inspire our children, our youth, our young adults and our adults to move forward biblically in their everyday living for Jesus Christ.  So let us rise up with Rev. Dr. Ricky D. Helton in 2022 to move our Church through the next century."

- Dr. Nellie B. King
A Servant Leader in the CME Church
Treasurer, Women's Missionary Council
Some Attributes of This Great Man:
"He is a great man of Spiritual Fortitude
He is a builder of future leaders
He is a true humble servant of true Godliness as a successful Pastor and Professor
He is a man that possesses true commitment for the present and a vision for the future
He is a man that acts and reacts with all types of people, always seeking and embracing practical and profitable solutions
He possesses an undying love of his family and his church
He is a man who will lead, guide and serve this present age – his calling to fulfill.”

-Dr. Judith E. Grant
Former 8th President, WMC, CME Church

I endorse Rev. Dr. Ricky D. Helton for Bishop in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.  I have known Dr. Helton for over 35 years and worked with him in several capacities and have come to know him as a faithful servant of God, a devoted family man, and compassionate leader.  When I think of the type of leadership the CME Church needs to transform us into our post-pandemic paradigm, I believe that a visionary leader with passion and understanding for the needs of the people we serve; a leader that has strong family values and a legacy that leads to developing and sustaining relationships; and a leader that “fears God, trustworthy, and deplores dishonesty.”  I believe Dr. Helton represents these qualities in his daily walk, and will lead the CME Church with these same gifts and grace.

- Dr. Bryan Champion
Chairman, RDHelton For Bishop2022 Campaign

"Dr. Ricky D. Helton has a heart for God and a passion for true, positive leadership. He is uncompromising in his faith and will not waver in the face of adversity. Honesty, trustworthy, loyal, and sincere are character traits that I would definitely add to describe him."

- Rev. Dr. Cathy Jones
Pastor, Parkwood Institutional CME Church
Charlotte, North Carolina
Durham District, Carolina Region
Seventh Episcopal District
"Dr. Helton is a family man that has a heart for people and the work of the Lord. He has a passion for ministry and helping young preachers grow in the knowledge of the word of the Lord."

- Presiding Elder Clifton Harris
Durham District, Carolina Region
Seventh Episcopal District
"I am honored and excited to endorse Rev. Dr. Ricky Helton as he offers himself up for the Episcopacy of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. 1 Timothy 3 outlines the qualifications of bishops as being one above reproach and possessing of a moral character and faith in God that position bishops to lead others to Christ. Rev. Helton exemplifies these characteristics in all aspects of his service: in his Bible-centered orientation to family life and spiritual relationship development, in working with lay to facilitate the mission of the church, in preaching, teaching, and leading a thriving church, in carrying out various leadership roles in the local, regional, and national church, as well as community collaborations on the well-being of its constituencies. In addition to being a God-centered man of wisdom and great vision for our CME Zion, Rev. Helton is a multi-talented man of God with great people-centeredness, church building acumen, and vision for the future. More importantly, he would be an astounding addition to our College of Bishops."

- Ken Thomas, Lay Leader
New York-Washington Region
"Dr. Ricky Helton has been a blessing to my spiritual and leadership growth. For over 30 years I have found Dr. Helton to be a Servant Leader. He has shown his commitment to the Christian Episcopal Methodist Church where he has served."

- Sandra Renee' Chambers
President WMS, NY Washington Region

"Why should Rev. Ricky D. Helton be elected a Bishop
in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church?
He will be a humble leader not only for pastors and clergy and lay, but he will also lead
an episcopal district to heights that it has not gone before. He is a visionary. With the
heart that he has for people in general, it will be felt throughout the entire Church. For
the last 18+ years, I have witnessed his love for God, love for his family, love for people,
and yes, even his love for the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.
The delegation will not be disappointed in their vote and election of Rev. Dr. Ricky D. Helton for Bishop in 2022."

-Rev. Reginald Thompson, Sr.
Son in the Ministry
Louisiana Region, Fourth Episcopal District, CME Church
My Statement….

"Rev. Dr. Ricky D. Helton and I served together as pastors in the New York-Washington
Region for many years.  I admired and respected him then, but I appreciate his
leadership capacity even more, as his Presiding Bishop. After observing his work for
many years, I see in Dr. Helton, the experience, administrative knowledge, and spiritual
giftedness to turn visions into reality! "
Bishop James B. Walker
Presiding Prelate, Seventh Episcopal District
CME Church